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Jose Marti

dR José R. Martí


Ph.D., P. Eng., Fellow IEEE

Tel: 604-822.2364
Fax: 604-822.5949
E-mail: jrms@ece.ubc.ca
Office Location:  Kaiser Building


Electrical Engineer -- Central University of Venezuela, 1971
MEEPE -- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, N.Y., 1974
Ph.D. -- The University of British Columbia, 1981 

Research Interests

Dr. Martí's Research Group is a world leader in the development of models and solution techniques for fast transient circuit solutions of large systems, particularly in connection with the Electromagnetic Transients Program EMTP. A student version of the Microtran-EMTP program can be downloaded here.

The group has extended the basic EMTP solution techniques to very fast Real-Time simulation. Our Power System Simulator OVNI uses a matched software (MATE) and hardware architecture (PC-Cluster) to achieve very fast performance for systems of unlimited size using off-the-shelf Pentium-class personal computers. OVNI is aimed at simulating in real-time the operation and control of large power system networks.

The Group's system simulation work proceeds in three fronts: a) Accurate and efficient system component models (transmission lines, transformers, machines, power electronic devices, and controllers), b) Efficient algorithmic solution techniques (network partitioning techniques, multirate solutions for latency exploitation and hybrid phasor/time-domain solutions), and c) PC-cluster architectures.

The group is also developing advanced signal processing techniques for in-service intelligent diagnostic systems. A current project involves the signature characterization of power transformers from their high-frequency response. This signature is then used for the detection of incipient faults and aging defects while the transformer is in service.

An important area of current interest in the group is the simulation of distributed energy systems. Together with other members of the Power Systems Group and the Power Electronics Group, we are studying the coordinated operation and control of local distributed generation resources (LDR's), including microturbines, fuel cells, solar, and wind generators, sharing resources with each other and with the existing power grid.:

Current Research Projects 

  • Real-Time Power Systems Simulator (OVNI)
  • Network Partitioning Techniques for Large System Solutions (MATE)
  • PC-Cluster Architectures
  • Multi-Rate and Hybrid Solutions
  • Signal Processing Techniques for Intelligent Diagnostic Systems
  • Frequency Dependent Transmission Line Modelling
  • High-Frequency Transformer Modelling
  • Coordination and Control of Small-Size Distributed Generation Systems



Last reviewed 7-Oct-2006

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